Saturday, December 16, 2017

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lupulin brewing cover

Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake

With so many breweries proximal to the heart of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the amount of airtime that Lupulin Brewing gets may be surprising. The quality of their beer is no secret, though, and their lines at festivals routinely stretch [...]

November 28, 2017 greater minnesota, tasting and critique
Dogfish Cover

Dogfish is here, and it’s a big deal

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has finally come to Minnesota and it’s a very big deal, but not for the reasons you may think. Now in it’s 21st year, Delaware’s Dogfish Head is expanding into the local market at a time [...]

March 22, 2017 news and annoucements, tasting and critique
Utepils cover image

a first look at utepils

Perhaps no other brewery has had as much presence before its opening day since 612Brew opened in Northeast Minneapolis. Utepils Brewing has generated buzz for over a year (since about July, 2015, but who’s counting?) prior to opening their doors [...]

March 6, 2017 history and traditional styles, MN, tasting and critique

Beer in 2017 – what’s to come?

There was a palpable change in the dynamic culture of craft beer in 2016. The year saw mergers and acquisitions, further growth to the point of pre-prohibition numbers, and a swing in the balance between camaraderie and competition. Though my view [...]

January 5, 2017 news and annoucements, soapbox sunday

wild mind artisan ales

Talking with Mat Waddell, brewer and owner of Wild Mind Artisan Ales, is like catching up with an old friend who happens to be a skilled brewer. His attitude is one of passion, yet he is entirely unassuming and realistic [...]

September 27, 2016 history and traditional styles, MN, the twin cities

Wedge & Wheel & Beer

On a sunny afternoon in Stillwater, particularly on the weekends, a long line can be seen at the historic district’s busiest intersection. Near Chestnut & Main, families and couples slowly shuffle up to a window making the sidewalk almost unusable. [...]

August 23, 2016 Uncategorized

#Merica!… Back of House, Bud, and Blais

The first evidence that macro breweries were planning to publicly take on the rising tide of craft beer precipitated during the 2015 Superbowl ads. The one-minute slideshow comparing the everyman’s macro beer with fussy professors pining over snifters was a [...]

June 30, 2016 food and restaurants, news and annoucements
winter wine

2016 Winter Wine Fest this friday

This Friday marks the 40th anniversary of the Minnesota Grape Growers Association, an organization that was formed to “heighten public awareness of the Minnesota grape and wine industry.” To celebrate this milestone, the organization is hosting the 2016 Winter Wine [...]

February 10, 2016 Uncategorized
The biggest mistakes 2

the biggest mistakes new breweries make, part two

For part one, click here. First in the Biggest Mistakes series was a look at the problem of new breweries serving premature beer to paying customers. Turns out I am not the only one who has experienced this, and it’s [...]

January 3, 2016 soapbox sunday, tasting and critique
able Now Open

able seedhouse + brewery now open

Nearly two breweries open per day in the United States. And though our nation still doesn’t contain the number of breweries it did before the industrial revolution, we’re getting close. Really close. How should we sort through the riff raff, [...]

November 11, 2015 news and annoucements, tasting and critique, the twin cities