Saturday, December 16, 2017

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lupulin brewing cover

Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake

With so many breweries proximal to the heart of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the amount of airtime that Lupulin Brewing gets may be surprising. The quality of their beer is no secret, though, and their lines at festivals routinely stretch [...]

November 28, 2017 greater minnesota, tasting and critique
Anchor Brewing cover

Anchor: what does independence mean?

ABV takes a second look at a 2014 visit to Anchor Brewing Company in light of its sale to Sapporo August 1st, 2017. From what you may not know about Anchor, to the introduction of the Brewers’ Association’s Independent Craft Brewer [...]

August 16, 2017 california, history and traditional styles
Utepils cover image

a first look at utepils

Perhaps no other brewery has had as much presence before its opening day since 612Brew opened in Northeast Minneapolis. Utepils Brewing has generated buzz for over a year (since about July, 2015, but who’s counting?) prior to opening their doors [...]

March 6, 2017 history and traditional styles, MN, tasting and critique

PEG Beer Co. now open!

After 10 years of complete brewing stagnancy, the Winnipeg beer landscape is finally changing. Fueled by a major legislative change making taprooms legal, three new breweries have opened this year with more (some reports say about 10 within the province) [...]

October 18, 2016 beer abroad, canadian beer, food and restaurants, Travel

wild mind artisan ales

Talking with Mat Waddell, brewer and owner of Wild Mind Artisan Ales, is like catching up with an old friend who happens to be a skilled brewer. His attitude is one of passion, yet he is entirely unassuming and realistic [...]

September 27, 2016 history and traditional styles, MN, the twin cities

rhombus guys brewing in grand forks

Driving to and from Winnipeg is a long, boring activity. And highway speeds in North Dakota make it harrowing in no uncertain terms, even in the best of weather. The near-zero temps and our successful re-entering of America (with Rick’s fresh [...]

February 2, 2016 tasting and critique, Travel
the biggest mistakes

the biggest mistakes new breweries make, a drinker’s perspective

Beyond just bad beer or poor service, there are some predictable pitfalls in the business of opening a new brewery. Launching any new business is rife with difficulties, but opening a taproom in the current climate is a particular challenge. [...]

December 14, 2015 soapbox sunday, the twin cities, Uncategorized
able Now Open

able seedhouse + brewery now open

Nearly two breweries open per day in the United States. And though our nation still doesn’t contain the number of breweries it did before the industrial revolution, we’re getting close. Really close. How should we sort through the riff raff, [...]

November 11, 2015 news and annoucements, tasting and critique, the twin cities

Life’s Too Short Brewing – a quick peek

LTS (or Life’s Too Short) Brewing, founded in 2013 by owners Brandon Schulz and Jeff Werning, opened its taproom last month in Rochester. Located outside of the Mayo zone, LTS has a fairly large industrial building with plans to even add a restaurant. [...]

September 30, 2015 greater minnesota, Travel
TH 5

growler storage, pt 2: one solution

Several months ago, alcohol by volume examined the filling of growlers and the host of issues that come along with the clunky, half-gallon vessels. We spoke with breweries across the state to determine their practices, namely whether or not each is [...]

April 30, 2015 news and annoucements, the twin cities