Saturday, December 16, 2017


Thank you for your support of this page through re-posting, tweeting, and thoughtful comments! It has been a great experience to hear from followers and each message I get is so kind and articulate.

How else can you support ABV?

I now have sweet Alcohol by Volume T-shirts that look like this:

ABV blueprint logo color

ABV blueprint otherThey are available via an outstanding company called RedBubble. You can have the design printed onto any number of garments. Other colors are there to choose from, too, if neon green isn’t your thing.

Logo colors  /  other choices  here

I would be very grateful for your support through these sales.

Also, I’ll point out that although the shipping of beer is a complex thing legally speaking, if you want to send a package my way, I’m not going to let a sad, mysterious box sit on my doorstep. Just sayin’.

Finally, if you are interested in contributing to ABV through your own writing, I’d love to feature a guest post from you! Drop me a line.

Contact me with any questions!