Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Indeed Brewer’s Brunch

And just like that, winter is here. Quite suddenly, I would add. A series of cozy Sunday brunches hosted by Indeed Brewing Company, though, is reason enough to leave the house despite the negative temps. A Brewer’s Brunch recently launched [...]

December 16, 2016 food and restaurants, tasting and critique

PEG Beer Co. now open!

After 10 years of complete brewing stagnancy, the Winnipeg beer landscape is finally changing. Fueled by a major legislative change making taprooms legal, three new breweries have opened this year with more (some reports say about 10 within the province) [...]

October 18, 2016 beer abroad, canadian beer, food and restaurants, Travel
Damm Inedit

the best beer you’ve never heard of

It has been said that the best beer is made in America. Looking for German, Belgian, or British beer? No need to buy a plane ticket. Instead, seek out the best craft beer bar you can find in an American [...]

July 23, 2016 Florida, food and restaurants, Travel

#Merica!… Back of House, Bud, and Blais

The first evidence that macro breweries were planning to publicly take on the rising tide of craft beer precipitated during the 2015 Superbowl ads. The one-minute slideshow comparing the everyman’s macro beer with fussy professors pining over snifters was a [...]

June 30, 2016 food and restaurants, news and annoucements
the rookery COVER

the rookery food and cocktails

As opposed to my more calculated dining experiences, the ones for which I plan to bring a notebook and have a deadline, The Rookery was another story. It wasn’t even my choice. I was told we were going so we [...]

April 30, 2016 food and restaurants, spirits, the twin cities, Uncategorized
surly brewer's table

What I learned from dining at Brewer’s Table

There is one thing I complain about more than anything else in the dining and drinking realm: the inability of fine dining establishments to take beer seriously. I am referring to more than just the lack of craft beer on [...]

March 4, 2016 food and restaurants, tasting and critique, the twin cities
CKH pour your own

community keg house opens

When I first got wind of the concept behind Community Keg House I was wandering through Northeast Open Streets. This scene immediately came to mind: For those who have not heard about the tap-DIY soon to open in the Grain Belt [...]

January 14, 2016 food and restaurants, the twin cities, Uncategorized
cocktails @ il foro

eat & drink il foro

Il Foro now occupies one of the most incredible indoor spaces you probably have never heard about. The dining room has an extensive history as the Forum Cafeteria, for which it was known over several decades. The restaurant opened in [...]

December 3, 2015 food and restaurants, spirits, the twin cities
revival wallpaper

we need a little revival

I have it on good authority than more than one misguided neighbor has attempted to order multiple entire fried chickens for takeout from Kingfield’s insta-hit, Revival. The deep-fried South Minneapolis creation – from the owners of Corner Table and in [...]

July 7, 2015 food and restaurants, the twin cities
pickled PBR

nighthawks and pickled PBR

There are only so many stomachs in one city. Adding the fact that 91 new restaurants officially opened in Minneapolis in 2014, it is a wonder how the average diner picks what to have for dinner. What causes consumers to choose [...]

May 22, 2015 food and restaurants, the twin cities, Uncategorized