Saturday, December 16, 2017


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This blog is dedicated to beer evangelism. This includes:

craft beer news / up-and-coming breweries / beer history and anthropology / the applied science of food pairings / restaurants with a craft beer focus / destination breweries and other beer travel adventures

The intent is to educate readers about what they are drinking and convert complacency into avid beer exploration.

My name is Paige and I originally started this blog mostly for myself – to journal about my tastes and experiences, to keep track of what I’ve loved drinking, and to share unforgettable experiences in beer fellowship. It has evolved – through the interest of those close to and very far from me – into something more meaningful.

While much of my material focuses on Minnesota beer, I also discuss broader topics that span the business of craft beer nationally and internationally.

Every now and again you’ll also see the stronger stuff. As distilleries are cropping up in the Midwest, I can’t help but peer over the occasional glass of gin or a classic Old Fashioned. Even more rarely some wine may make an appearance. Fermented beverages collectively hold a place in my heart.

But what really emblazons me is beer and the people who make it.


Since 2014, Rick Didora has been contributing his brilliant photography to many of the posts seen here. His diligent work helps to make this site as professional as it can be.

Grab a glass of whatever you love and follow along.

Happy drinking.

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