Thursday, October 19, 2017

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hop preservation methods: cryo magic

It’s hard to visit a brewery lately without some mention of hop science. Dry-hopping is now ubiquitous in many taprooms, and there has been increased discussion about how whirlpool additions of hops contribute to bitterness in addition to flavor. Recently, terms [...]

June 22, 2017 homebrewing, news and annoucements, texas
Malt featured image

what’s new – and old – in malting?

When it comes to craft beer, the real buzzword may always be hops (not yeast, malt, and certainly not water). Hops get all the airtime. Many beer lovers can name several varieties without giving a thought to malted barley. But [...]

February 6, 2017 colorado, history and traditional styles, news and annoucements

PEG Beer Co. now open!

After 10 years of complete brewing stagnancy, the Winnipeg beer landscape is finally changing. Fueled by a major legislative change making taprooms legal, three new breweries have opened this year with more (some reports say about 10 within the province) [...]

October 18, 2016 beer abroad, canadian beer, food and restaurants, Travel
Citra hops

spotlight on citra

I take it as a sign of maturation within our beer market that the general public can name specific types of hops. Hop varieties are listed in descriptions on many beer menus, and several very popular beers are named for [...]

April 23, 2016 history and traditional styles, tasting and critique
The biggest mistakes 2

the biggest mistakes new breweries make, part two

For part one, click here. First in the Biggest Mistakes series was a look at the problem of new breweries serving premature beer to paying customers. Turns out I am not the only one who has experienced this, and it’s [...]

January 3, 2016 soapbox sunday, tasting and critique

the craft of cultivation, Superior-style

I have a science degree. I am a smart individual. I even took advanced biology and microbiology in college. Still, when I first learned about cultivating wild yeast, my mind was blown. It may come as no surprise to many [...]

November 4, 2015 greater minnesota

seasonality of the south

Living in Minnesota, I am no stranger to seasonality. There is a certain rhythm that accompanies Midwestern living – the anticipation of spring, a longing for more summer days, but also some respite in the cooler months of fall. Next [...]

September 7, 2015 north carolina, Travel
lactobac series

Fair State’s Lactobac series

Sour beer is no longer the oddity within the beer market that it once was. When I first wrote about sour beers, I got several messages from people, shocked by the availability of sours in the Twin Cities compared to [...]

September 3, 2015 the twin cities
beer belongs hd 2

beer belongs …with art

The Beer Belongs advertising campaign, which ran in a series of 132 ads from 1945 to 1956, was one of the most successful American ad campaigns of all time. It was seen by millions of Americans and is quite possibly the reason [...]

August 24, 2015 history and traditional styles
beer belongs

beer belongs

“In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours – beer belongs…Enjoy it!”  Today while grocery shopping I saw the father of an infant wearing a Summit Brewing hat. In a food truck line downtown last week I witnessed a Fulton T-shirt and [...]

August 12, 2015 history and traditional styles, soapbox sunday